About Amtec

AMTeC Co-op Ltd was formed in July 1997. It is a not-for-profit co-operative dedicated to the investigation, care, reproduction and presentation of archaeological artefacts and past technologies. Our team specialises in innovative education and community projects. We originated and partnered in CSI: Sittingbourne (Conservation Science Investigations in a shopping mall.) 

AMTeC was primarily set up to run professional development workshops and to provide a venue for carrying out ancient materials research projects; but it also has an active general public education and out-of-school learning programme as well. Webzine 1  Webzine 2 & Conservation Workshops report

AMTeC can provide a venue, personnel, and materials for archaeological or historic media work. Or assist in organisations putting on their own projects.

Individual or public art projects may be comissioned; as well as, the production of replicas & didactics for gifts, presentations or displays in resin or metal or wood (artefacts, sculptures and/or site strata), and screen prints.
Investigative conservation techniques for metal sculpture, numismatic material and other archaeological finds are emphasized at AMTeC; as well as, aspects of the general care and preservation techniques for ancient and historic finds.

AMTeC can also provide a wide range of specialist services through its associates specializing in:

  • Ancient woodwork: On and off-site interpretation, recording,sampling and analysis, publication and presentation of ancient and historic woodwork.
  • Puppetry & Theatrical Productions based on archaeological finds.
  • Archaeobotany: Plant macro-remain assessments and analyses; uncharred wood identification
  • Art Projects: Artistic interpretations of archaological and historical material
Collaborative working across diverse specialisms has brought a great dynamism to the organisation - both in its educational and archaeological project work.