We have had extensive television, radio, and printed media experience.

Dana Goodburn Brown is Time Team's main Conservator and has also contributed to some of the programme's experimental archaeology segments (coin making and bronze casting). She has also appeared on BBC's Meet the Ancestors and a recent programme about the Richborough Arch.

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Click here to see some of Dana's recent work with Time Team.

Andrew Lacey has made a number of television appearances bronze casting for both the BBC (Sectrets of the Ancients, Ancestors) and Channel 4 (Time Team).

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Damian Goodburn has contributed to a number of archaeological and natural history radio and TV programmes since 1991. He appeared on the very first Time Team series, making a log boat and has taken part in several other ancient woodworking episodes over the years. Similarly he worked on 'Caesar's bridge' for the BBC and many other programmes for both mainstream and satellite broadcasting.

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  • We can provide conservation & and ancient technology demonstrations both on location or at our own facility.
  • We can contribute to programme research & development
  • We can provide a location for filming scientific analysis, conservation, bronze casting and other ancient processes recreated either in present or past time. We also have access to out door woodland or agricultural locations which can be arranged for similar needs.